Product Information
Learn More About the Pool Finishes We Use
Pool One Plastering, Inc, uses only the highest quality finishes available on the market today. This ensures that your pool wil be beautiful, yet durable and reliable for many years to come. We offer the latest by Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen®, Pebble Fina® and CL Industries' Sunstone Pearl Series® & Krystalkrete®. Learn more by clicking on each link below to vist each manufacturer's product web page.

For a sample of the specific colors we offer, please call or visit our showroom today!

Pebble Tec® brand pool finish is the original pebble pool finish and still delivers the enduring natural elegance and durability that combines beauty with exceptional value. Available in 18 attractive colors, our original Pebble Tec pool interior is the perfect choice for individuals desiring a more natural look for their pools, spas or water features. With a Pebble Tec pool finish you receive a dependable, low-maintenance aggregate interior finish and you are installing the very best - backed by a company renowned for its reputation and customer satisfaction. CLICK HERE
Pebble Sheen® brand pool finish provides the natural beauty and durability of the original Pebble Tec® pool finish, along with a sophisticated refined elegance. A colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles is tightly fused together and then lightly buffed to create a luxurious pool surface that is not only beautifully elegant, but also incredibly strong and stain resistant. Pebble Sheen pool interiors offer a more finely textured feel and have the look of rich granite. It's a pool surface that presents the flexible style you need to design a swimming pool that truly reflects your lifestyle. CLICK HERE
Pebble Brilliance® brand pool finish provides a blend of vibrant glass beads and natural stone aggregate. The stunning beauty of the glass beads creates an infusion of color delivering a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color. This distinctive blend offers long-lasting durability with a lavish texture. Fortified with proprietary additives providing a uniform composition and vivid color. All colors incorporate Shimmering Sea for added elegance. CLICK HERE
White Satin® is a popular pebble finish that offers natural beauty with a refined texture. This specialty color is designed to create a durable and traditional white finish. Only offered through Pebble Technology authorized applicators. Produces a light blue water color. For added interest, add Luminous or colored aggregate to the finish. CLICK HERE
Pebble Fina® is Pebble Technology Inc.'s latest innovation in superior quality pool finishes. The enduring classic elegance of Pebble Fina pool finish combines old world beauty and durability with new world technology to offer a luxurious smooth, durable and affordable interior. Pebble Fina pool finish incorporates the ancient Greek and Roman use of pozzolans into the cement mixture, providing strength and durability for a longer-lasting finish with increased density that resists etching. CLICK HERE
SunStone® Pearl smooth pebble pool finish takes any pool to new heights of dazzling luminescence. This unique new finish combines delicate hand-selected pebble aggregates with reinforced white Portland cement. The result is a pool finish that feels as smooth as the surface of a precious pearl. Made with CLI's most durable materials, SunStone® Pearl's 6 color combos, including Black Pearl and Aqua Pearl, provide a luxurious finish that will revitalize and soothe for years to come. As one of the most beautiful and time-tested surfacing formulas ever created, SunStone® Pearl is a technological advance in natural beauty. CLICK HERE
Krystalkrete® is made from nature's finest materials to create the most luxurious pool finish in the world. Available in 9 lustrous colors including Royal Blue and Ebony Black, Krystalkrete® will transform your pool into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether you're looking for traditional elegance, contemporary flash or something in between, nothing captivates the imagination like Krystalkrete®. Combines the performance properties of enriched white Portland cement with factory-blended crystalline aggregates enhanced with sparkling colored quartz to create a luster and strength that outshines and outlasts traditional pool finishes. CLICK HERE
Please note that actual colors may vary from colors shown on the linked manufacturers' websites. Please contact us for color options or visit our showroom to browse the color selections available to you!